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Great comment on HN:

> As a thought experiment, what if companies are made to pay for commute time? How would that change the labour market? Would they hire local? Provide better transportation? Work with cities to reduce congestion? Encourage more remote work? Decide it's too expensive to hire workers and cut hours? Work towards more inclusive housing?

Thank you to all the #golang core developers for making the language I enjoy the most. Thank you Apache Foundation for all the projects you maintain and develop. Thank you to all the developers working on federated projects and open standards. Thank you to all the free software devs, designers, translators, docs/technical writers, and community managers. Thank you to everyone I forgot who never give up their support for free software.


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Revolutionary idea: *Don't* add a general-purpose unconstrained scripting language to the system
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Free Remote Internship Certification Programme Empowering Women in Cyber Security

My new thing is not opening every single cw.

The LFS documentation is really amazingly good!

If you're interested in GNU/Linux I can only recommend doing this once in your life, you'll learn a lot!

I think I'll watch Joker again. I suspect my appreciation will increase further.

Sometime I amaze myself by accomplishing things 3 days earlier than *I* expected.

Achievement Unlocked:

Used soap till it disappeared! Gone, vanished! All USED!

This place just isn't big enough for all of us. We've got to find a way
off this planet.

philosophy is a course of immunizations against philosophers

Fingerprint casts used to circumvent Aadhaar

Fingerprints are weak security; with modern 3d printing are trivial to fake. (That also has some, but different, implications for evidence considerations too; most notably, fingerprints can be planted.)

I read somewhere on fedi that "the S in IoT stands for security." I laughed. Today I told it to two other people as we were talking about smart TVs and people wanting to open their front doors remotely and we all laughed. This joke really keeps on giving. So thank you, whoever posted it first!

For some reason I decided to install MS DOS in a Virtualbox VM. I can't seem to figure out how to get networking in it though.

Is there a TCP/IP driver for MS DOS that supports the virtual network card that Virtualbox supports?

Emacs on Windows. I think now I've officially seen everything...

Finished reading, Bottle of Lies. The chalta-hai, jugaadu and absolutely dangerous methods of operation, the deceit and racism extend deep into the pharma industry in India. The consequences of their actions are so unknown, and the consumers, oblivious. Holy fuck!

Great read.

Are you kidding.

Also, bold ploy by someone in MS to recommend Chrome over their own browser.

Just heard that a documentary on surveillance and privacy that a friend of mine has been working for five years is finally complete. Just skimmed it and it looks great. And damn do I look younger in it. Can’t wait to share it with you once it’s released :)

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