I can migrate from one computer another super
quick because my environment is wrapped around

RuboCop should NOT change name because of some US fuck up. People are giving hate to bbatsov because the project has "cop" in it. Fucking grow up.

I would like to fund someone to build a todoist like interface to . Contact me. Boosts welcome.

Opened a very big single line file in and my wm is

You can guess what has happened. I should not have done this.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to continue my contributions to in :(

Much dynamic work these days.

Wish it was easier to sync tasks on phone with org, and mobile experience was better.

This toot was a proof that I was able to read from and post to mastodon from mastodon.el

Now to add docs, tests, arrange variables for customisations.

Stay tuned!

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Delivered my first ever Hands on introduction to talk today. I felt they picked up most basic key bindings and concepts nicely. These were fresh brains!

My uptime so far: 13 days, 15 hours, 24 minutes, 32 seconds


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