Der Mönch am Meer

Got it framed, hung right across my bed. I see this painting as the only object on that wall.

My German friends will surely appreciate it, and others of course.

Fdroid is asking me to uninstall firefox klar because of a security vulnerability.

This has been installed. Not sure when I'll get around to play.

Poem, old one about White people, titled "the White Man's Burden"

Had now time to make pasta.

Not sure what I'll end up doing though.

New ☕; artsy pamphlets talking about it 

I received two roasts. One is ground for moka pot and another for south Indian filter.

Will be making south Indian filter brewed French roast tomorrow!

@neal someone gifted this the other day.

The beans are from a farm directly. The farmer grows them and has small retail outlets from which my friend bought. I have no idea about taste texture etc but I'm excited 😇

cc @gnomon

Interesting thing, now the ants are just pausing at one specific place on their way back. The numbers are increasing. Check the photo, that was 5min ago and now the numbers are 2x. As the ants pass by to go back, they connect the antenna and just stop.

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