I would like to fund someone to build a todoist like interface to . Contact me. Boosts welcome.


I love #Todoist and #orgMode. So I've started working on a long term project.. I have started working on a CLI utility in #Nim that uses Todoist API. As it's Nim. it has amazing C interface. So I can use the #Emacs #modules to use that same Nim library to send/receive data from Todoist. And then the final piece in elisp to connect that with orgmode buffers.

That's just the idea - 1/2

@kaushalmodi interesting. I was thinking I can eliminate todoist completely since all the features are handled by orgmode already.

I shall look at your work, thanks!


I am a believer in using "the best from multiple worlds" (another well established outcome of that belief: ox-hugo :)).

I really like to use Emacs/orgmode at my desk. But when out and about, nothing beats (in my opinion) the Android app for Todoist, for adding and reviewing my todo's.

For example, it's so nice to review the attachments for my car inspection reports added to the comment thread of my "renew car registration" task that repeats every year.

@kaushalmodi I completely agree that todoist is the best for at least mobile. I haven't used any other checklist system as much as I managed to use todoist. I believe it is because of the minimum friction in capture system.

I am talking about putting money here because if we pull this off with org, it would be so great!

It is very interesting that you too haven't found anything as good for mobiles. Perhaps I should stick with todoist while orgmode is not ready?

@codingquark @kaushalmodi can you highlight some things that you do in todoist that you couldn't do in org mode? Have you looked into Orgzly? It has the features you would need frankly.

@vkk primary is the ease of capture. For example, one can write "Reply vkk tom 10am @mastodon" will create a scheduled task for the next day at 10am, under project "personal" with label "mastodon". Ease of use on mobiles is pretty neat. @kaushalmodi

@codingquark @kaushalmodi sounds pretty neat. An input option like that for Orgzly would be amazing and bridge the gap.

@vkk @kaushalmodi
Hmm, I agree. Perhaps I should mention this on the orgzly repo.

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