Is your "fae" from Rothfuss? Highly unlikely, because it is a language, but I must ask!

@codingquark nope, the fae/faer part is neopronouns you can address me by!! (fae/faer = they/them) 🧚🏼‍♀️✨

I hadn’t heard of Rothfuss before, but his books look cool!

These neopronounces are poetic!

Fae is a fictional language spoken by Felurian (look her up!). Now...

And addressing you as "fae" means something like... You embody the language or, you are the language and people simply don't know!

If I come up with a couplet or something I'll let you know, if you are interested :)

@codingquark yes please, that sounds wonderful!! ☺️
im really hype for this cute fae stuff, Felurian’s name is adorable 💕


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