Would you recommend a video documentary/story on a mathematician? Thanks!

@codingquark The Imitation Game is good. I liked Theory of Everything; that was about physics but had math in it.

@codingquark there's the Marcus du Sautoy "The Code" series on Netflix. It's a bit elementary and aimed more at the average "popular science" crowd not mathematicians though.

I like "N is a Number – A Portrait of Paul Erdös"

There's also "Dangerous Knowledge", I think about Boltzmann, Cantor, and Gödel. Or "The Beautiful Mind of John Nash" (sic) the Documentary, not to be confused with the pop movie...

But you can find much more and deeper fun by looking for lectures, for example:

"A Tribute to Euler" – William Dunham:

Of these there are many more than I could put in a single toot, @codingquark!

@codingquark Not too heavy on the maths, but I did enjoy seeing , , , & movingly portrayed on the big screen in a couple of years ago.

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