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Me with an air compressor and a shop vac: *I am the dental hygienist of dusty basements!!* /o/

(I cleaned a basement with so much dust I had to use a WHEELBARROW..SEVERAL TIMES to get it out @,@ XD )

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@dragon @velexiraptor first time seeing the word kyriarchy and I love it. It's a term for something that's hard and annoying to have to describe or list out all the time, easy to remember, and the etymology checks out really well too

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It's very big, big, big, big foot
It's deep and dark and dangerous
It's scary and it's strangerous

(And what's the opposite of big foot! ;D )

I feel like everyone either isn't an expert in what I'm talking about and thus has nothing to say because they have no clue what my words even mean,

Or they know all about it and have nothing to say but to quietly think "Bless his little heart, he's learning big boy things now :3"


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Puppy quote of the day :3 

Arrogance might good for making people think you're right,
but it's not good for *being* right ;D

(Although in a lot of cases "people" isn't even any more than just yourself XD )

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Mathstodon stuff (notice the "th") 

So our instance has been having trouble over the past few days. It's become kind of valuable for me, and I'd really hate for something unbecoming to happen to it.

@ColinTheMathmo @christianp is there anything I can do to help? I can offer to chip in for hosting costs or help with coding/sysadmin tasks.

Now what about Matrix-Matrix multiplication in Hilbert space? 8>

And then *Matrix inversion*!!? 8D

Which, would be a way of producing the inverse kernel of an arbitrary integral transform, right? :D

(That is, a roadmap of how to find a closed-form solution and/or a numerical approximation technique :> )

(Although numerical approximation is inherently finite-dimensional, so perhaps normal linear algebra, itself, serves as the numerical approximation of inverting integral transforms :> )

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That face when you realize Integral Transforms are just the matrix multiplication formula between a matrix and a column vector for infinite dimensional Hilbert space!


, how novel XD''

Note to kids: always be careful to update any age filters you set to be close to your age, otherwise 10 years later your account looks like a pedophile XDD

“Age: 26″

“Filters enabled: This user only accepts messages from users 13-18 years of age”


(Interpals accounts, I'm looking at you!)

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Of COURSE retweets equal endorsement, are you kidding me?!

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Intelligent Design in a nutshell:

You can't prove it's *not* aliens!™ ;D

(where God ∈ aliens)

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I think I've finally figured out how to concisely explain to everyday people why Intelligent Design is a terrible way to figure out how and why things are the way they are in the world:

Just imagine it in a court room!

"How do you explain all this evidence against your client?"

"Well, you haven't proved it's *not* aliens! Therefore I think we should seriously consider aliens as an explanation. (Or God, I mean that works too, but let's keep talking about aliens to seem more reasonable)"

I'm gonna be trying out an intentional community in upstate New York for a week so I might not be able to talk much!! I hope it works out, I'll see yall later! :D

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OK. I'm alive. I've arrived. "My own" mastodon instance, thanks to
Hello! if you see this and I'm not following you and you think I should, say hi?

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Computer Secrets!

💻 Most computers flower only once every 100 years, but some flower and bear fruit each year if well watered and cared for

💻 The opposite of a computer is ghosts

💻 We all just pretend UNIX exists

💻 Processor cycles are marketing hype. We have all been on a 24-hour processor cycle since the early 1990s

💻 The Bible was originally written and compiled in QBASIC

💻 "USB keys" is the scientific term for computer egg sacs

💻 Variables with $ in their names are only usable by premium coders

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Banned from occultism after baptizing a demon to try to give it a name you know so you can control it and you ended up breaking heaven and hell for 7 weeks.

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Based on an idea I had last night.

Description: An animated gif (very slow animation, no flicker) shwowing a (mocked up) difficulty selection screen from a video game.
It cycles through "Medium", "Hard", "Impossible", "Skip combat" and "Easy", while the description box to the right says "Play the game as it was meant to be played.", no matter which difficulty is selected.

Original file (not ugly-compressed):

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