Consider the set of all sets that do include mistakes.

Does it include itself?

Because it's got a bunch of mistakes in there so it should!

But then if it didn't..that'd be a mistake! So that'd be okay :)
But being okay would make that not be a mistake!

Proof by contradiction: there's no such thing as mistakes, only logicking experiences :)


(how do I tag Matt Parker? XD )

think of a colour and then open this 

@monorail I thought: raspberry fruitcake :3

@pan ahhh aww :3

oh no worries I was just curious :3
I stopped reading manga, myself (or webcomics at the time) because they messed me up so much XD

coding stuff 

@goddess debugger: we have found the bugemy and they are us.

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polymerization is the societal change in societies of merpeople shifting to polyamory as a basis for their relationships

@goddess "Round 1—Fight! KO!"

What what happened?!

"You don't think we'd artificially limit players to 60 frames per second did you? If you want that, set a handicap huuuumannnn! mraaaaaw [taunt]"

jk XD

@dannyboy *I know right!* X'D

The main page has been overrun with abstract algebra and ignores the other connections to quaternions! (Including this spatial one, which is *how/why quaternions were discovered in the first place!!* XD )

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I have recently uncovered a user who seems to be opening temporary accounts at QOTO, blocking all the moderators so we dont see their posts and then posting high offensive material (nazi imagery, transphobic and hateful derogatory content, etc) and then proceeding to announce to block list moderators and possibly on the #Fediblock list in general in an attempt to get us banned.

The issue of users being able to block moderators and do **exactly** this is something I have brought up to @Gargron before probably over a year ago but he has never acted on fixing this issue and does not see it as needing fixing from what I could gather (he can interject here if he would like).

It is something we as moderators are powerless to detect or act against unless someone actually reports the content first, that is the only way we will even see it. Thankfully none of the block lists have actually acted on this and no damage to QOTO has been done. But seeing as this may continue I want to make others aware of the problem, press gargron to fix the issue once more, and also encourage **anyone** who sees such content on QOTO to please report it so we can act on it.

I can not personally confirm this but according to the block-list operator they seem to have reason to think it is @snow behind the attacks. This would be in line with the behaviors from snow I have witnessed in the past.

For the attempt by snow to spam and falsely accuse instances see here:

For more information see these attempted block requests on QOTO that were made in this fashion:

@arteteco @Sphinx @khird

@Nikolai_Kingsley @a_breakin_glass the 3D analog of the mobongius strip

for non-orientable ganja

topologically unhashable polyhedron mesh


If any of that wasn't clear or you've got any questions about that or the background stuff, feel free to ask! :D


But like in anything in math, these are all interpretations/applications of the thing; the only objectively correct/real thing is the connections between them :>



But there are other cool things about quaternions, like how they can also be thought of as a *division* of vectors, like how dot and cross products can be thought of as multiplications! And how they can be thought of as an extension of complex numbers (which is why you might see them as a + b*i + c*j + d*k where if c and d = 0 it *is* a typical everyday complex number! :D )

I think this is where that i/j/k notation for unit vectors (as opposed to x/y/z) comes from too!



The important interpretation/applications of quaternions for us here is that:

A quaternion represents a single rotation in 3D space out of all possible rotations!

Yaw/pitch/roll and Euler x/y/z angles and Axis-and-Amount and Quaternions are all just ways of representing the exact same thing: any possible rotation of an object (or point or set of points) in 3D space :>


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