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Hi fediverse, yes, I have a friend who needs a job and a place to stay

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That's not the face of evil

That's the face of "I'm fed up with yo Mussolini crap"

(They're the ones that get squashed when they get stepped on, remember!)

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I just..I don't even XD

The universe is shouting at me!! Okay okay! I'll mine some coal, sheesh! XD

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FYI: When referring to androids, the term "robot" is a slur as it means "automaton laborer". Please use language considerately thank you.


Sometimes autocomplete googlesnipes me and I just forget what I was doing in laughter XD

(This picture is so much better when you realize osmosis (unlike diffusion) would actually suck stuff out of him. A fact he might could understand, if it weren't for the books sucking his brains out.)


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