Has anyone actually made a big website with Mustache?

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ahahaha the number of characters left in that post was 404 XDD

(and it confused me so much! I thought my instance was going offline mid-post and that was graceful error handling for an icon XD )

Oh I should put a link here to what I mean by "Mustache" for people who answered "what is it?" XD

@ColinTheMathmo Thanks so much :'3

(I'm particularly interested in Mustache because it's ported to like 30 languages! and *if* it can be used, it's so simple you could almost use untrusted mustache code without worrying if it'll break out of its (server-side) sandbox!—it's not even turing complete I think! XD )

(But I'm suspicious of whether that makes it *too* simple to make real websites with)

@codepuppy Can you point me at a mustache primer? I know nothing about it.


Honestly I think the best one is probably the official "manual page" (haha, they made it like it's in Unix)

And then there's a live demo!

(Which is running client-side not server-side, so it's not proof of their perception of security in running untrusted code, but it would be slow to run it serverside anyway. Also it's neat that it can be run client side! Maybe websites could send only JSON and have the browser make the html)

@Sandra Oooooh thanks for the response! :D

You mean this? :>

(I'll put you down along with Handlebars :3 since this says Liquid has variable assignment and is probably turing complete, the lack of which is what makes Mustache so bizarre to me and dubious as to whether it really works or not!)

@codepuppy That's the Liquid I meant, yes! 👍🏻 It's great
@codepuppy Since it's extensible via Ruby and I've made lots of added stuff that way

@Sandra Ooooooh :>

(I'm a backend person) and I'm always interested to know which templating languages webby people *like* (as opposed to which they *use*, which is probably just PHP/ASP/JSP whether they actually like them or not XD )


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