I found some old but clean respirator masks. Should I try giving them to a hospital, or are they past the stage of being so desperate that they'll accept masks from random people?
—Upstate New York, US

@Canageek Sure! Although if I can actually call the hospital / get through to them then I can ask them directly I realized XD'

But all they have is a phone number so it may be impossible; let me try to get through a bit more before you all bother.

But thanks :'3

@Canageek Alternatively, if you know of a phone number that's like the Echo Test for skype, but is an actual phone number you can call repeatedly to test your phone / phone system, that would be *amazing!* 8>

(I'll make another toot X3 )


"Alternatively, if you know of a phone number that's **like the Echo Test for skype**, but is an actual phone number"

yes I'm aware of that; obv. it doesn't work for me in my situation XD

@clarjon1 @Canageek Oh wow thank you so much, I think it is working!!

Although it could be what's broken instead of my voip system, but I'll just assume it's on my end XD

@codepuppy @Canageek What's your voip system based on? A number of them have built-in voip echo check so you can at least narrow down a bit -- eg freepbx has theirs on *43

@Canageek (also I don't use (and am in conflict with) Skype because they decided to actively go out of their way to make it hard/impossible to use operating systems (like Linux) that are liberating from capitalism, which (although I'd use them anyway) are all I can afford now.)

(but I knew you knew that, and weren't passive-aggressively saying I should be using "normal things" like it would have been if it was my family saying that. I let my angriness make me irrational, and I'm sorry ._. )

@Canageek Okay no I can't use phone numbers, at least not now, so I can't contact the hospital to ask if they want my spare masks

(but daaang, that's concerning that I can't contact a hospital x'D )

@codepuppy If you have a gmail they have a way to phone landlines

Also I agree

@Canageek (also sorry I was snippy. I was really upset that day that something so basic doesn't work right and that I'm gonna have to write my own S.I.P. client just to be able to call hospitals X') )

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