funny, caps 

Me with an air compressor and a shop vac: *I am the dental hygienist of dusty basements!!* /o/

(I cleaned a basement with so much dust I had to use a WHEELBARROW..SEVERAL TIMES to get it out @,@ XD )

funny, caps 

@codepuppy Egad. ^_^; How long had /that/ taken to accumulate? O.o

funny, caps 

@porsupah Probably between 30 to 100 years XD

It used to be the stables that livestock lived in (and pooped in); I'm pretty sure a lot of it used to be poop...used to be XD

But there's a good chance it had never been cleaned before me..ever!
And now I've also sprayed a lot of it (the floor) down with a garden hose.

*There is so much filth there it was insane* XD

I think it's clean enough for me to live and work in now! :'>

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