I think I've finally figured out how to concisely explain to everyday people why Intelligent Design is a terrible way to figure out how and why things are the way they are in the world:

Just imagine it in a court room!

"How do you explain all this evidence against your client?"

"Well, you haven't proved it's *not* aliens! Therefore I think we should seriously consider aliens as an explanation. (Or God, I mean that works too, but let's keep talking about aliens to seem more reasonable)"

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Intelligent Design in a nutshell:

You can't prove it's *not* aliens!™ ;D

(where God ∈ aliens)

pol, intelligent design, funny 

@codepuppy of course, I'd take an approach which gives people an out in terms of theistic evolution but

pol, intelligent design, funny 

@a_breakin_glass ah right that, yes :3

I also like that concept exists and can be useful for people (like it was for me in my past), but I'll stay as far away from it as possible XD, given it's like the ultimate job security for philosophers:

If God created a thing (like Evolution) which creates other things..did God create them by extension or did that creating-thing create them instead of God?

Bonus points: what if one of those other things is/does evil?


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