scientific papers that the world needs, funny 

Investigation into the concentration distribution of selected organosulfur compounds in the flatus of healthy human adults.

What is fart stink made of? 8>

(Also because that's good to know for chemical safety since fart stink (namely H2S) is literally—and I'm being serious here for those who don't know—*lethal* in high enough concentrations XD )

scientific papers that the world needs, funny 

@codepuppy Hydrogen sulfide is especially insidious because even if you can smell it at first, olfactory fatigue sets in in only a few minutes, and you can no longer smell that you are being slowly poisoned.

scientific papers that the world needs, funny 

@tpfto And it has around the same toxicity as carbon monoxide, right?

I think it'd still be nice to know how many ppm natural gas is, for intuition though.
(Either kind of "natural gas"—municipal or personal ;3 XD )

(Or rather, instead of a single value, the Gaussian fart distribution XD )

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