I would like to see more support for translating the great works of the past into a modern form that keeps the depth and plot and everything that expands your mind...but without the pointless sexism/racism/etc. that implodes your mind,

And less of the blaming people for being "weak" and inferior for not wanting to having to constantly expend energy to combat the construction of terrible implicit biases in their intuitive mind due to it being normalized or supported or glorified by the author.

People can say “but it’s not the real/original work”, but I mean XD we change *every word* when it’s translated into a new language. And we often talk about and discuss which translations are good and which aren’t and the problems and merits of them and help each other find good ones when someone wants to read a classic work.

So why don’t we do this with translations across time, like we do with translations across space (geography/language)?

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