*ducks into fediverse briefly while desperately working away*

Heyyyyy world :)
Who wants to do boring things with me to help increase the chances that we'll have a place to live and have food without being chained to the collectivist/capitalist/marxist systems of proving you're worthy of existence every day? :>


*crickets* x'D

but also just as much if that wasn't clear!

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I mean, it's not a bad idea, but I can't come with you because my freedom is predicated on access to Internet and medication and feminine hygiene products

@DialMforMara :>

Well I'll certainly have access to the internet XD

By "boring things" I meant extract the tables in the PDF specification of the USB Video Class, or use a converter I'd write to extract the semantic data from phase diagrams in scannings of metallurgical PDFs from the 1970's, and stuff like that XD
I'm doing this by utilizing *so much* technology that I won't need to be a part of the system, instead of so little :3

And we would still have money, we just wouldn't demand it from each other, so we'd have *even more* money for things like medications and healthcare :'>

(But it would be hard to have normal jobs since we would pretty much have to live out in the rural areas to escape paying an "official engineer" thousands and thousands of dollars to inspect buildings for permits X'D )

(But we could make things and sell them on eBay/Etsy, and digital artists could still do what they do X3 )

@DialMforMara It's not an immediate plan, but the idea is to eventually become a place where we can live full-time :'>

I'm just wondering if anyone wants to help speed that along :>

@DialMforMara And people don't need any particular skill—I can find something that would help no matter what—and that can be done across the internet! :D
( just might be "boring", hence my original post XD )

But you already gave me the most important thing that I'm in short supply of :'>

..people thinking it's a worthwhile and good idea :')

(thanks <'3 )

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