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From r/DaystromInstitute:

"[Theory] People in Trek are just plain not-good at computers, and replicators can make stuff that's as good as grandmother's, they just don't know how to tell it to do so."



Puppy Pi @codepuppy

@guinan [Theory] it actually is as good as grandmother's; they just perceive it as not being so--ie, "essentialism" ;D

(there's a ted talk about that but Mastodon uses like all my ram and freezes my browser and I'm lazy)
(and I can't find bio-neural gel packs for my computer on eBay :3 )

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@guinan Experimental test: <s>switch the bags of name and generic brand cereal in the boxes and see if they tell the difference</s>

have their grandmother replicate food secretly and give it to them telling them she made it ;D