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I've realised the neighbours probably think I'm summoning a demon

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"pen on a bit of string" is considerably less shoddy on a larger scale, when it's "bit of chalk and some string held down by my big toe"

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BTW, the least-shoddy, least-awful device for drawing circles and lines I've ever had is the thaMographe. It's a ruler! It's a protractor! It's a (discretised) set of compasses!
I bought it on a whim after seeing it online and thinking "that's weird!", but now I've used it I think every school kid should have one

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My question today: what's the shoddiest non-awful device for drawing circles I can come up with?
Already ruled out as compeltely useless: entirely freehand; bit of string tied to a pen

Today's boring admin:
· stripped the bed, did two loads of washing
· sorted out the batteries box
· labelled the cupboard's backup USB drive
· moved my last thing off Heroku
· switched Thunderbird to the snap version so it's up to date

and now it's lunch! Hopefully the afternoon will involve a bike ride with the other L-Ps

just realised that systemd's WantedBy directive is equivalent to INTERCAL's COMEFROM command

I feel like I've seen a proliferation of smalltalk-inspired languages lately. Is that this year's trend?

The problem with recycling batteries is that I get through them so slowly that by the time I've got enough to justify a trip to the recycling point, they've been sat on the shelf so long I feel I'll miss them when they're gone.

I might be over-thinking things.

In case you were wondering, 153 is the smallest integer whose factorial has two zeros after the leading digit. It fits in a toot:

153! = 200634390509568239477828874698911718566246149616161171934231099284840946025238092339613294062603588435530393145048663047173051913507711632216305667129554900620296603188543122491838966881134795135997316305640071571629943041039657861120000000000000000000000000000000000000

This has generated a *superb* integer sequence which isn't yet in the OEIS

Imagining if I had to live with printouts of all the code I write.
Where would it go? How much of it would I have decided not to write?

I've written "let mek now!" enough times that I feel like putting it on a protest placard

I went to add some entries to @esoterica today, and it turned out that I hadn't made it work with php 8 as well as I thought I had. It looks like it's all working now, so if you were wondering where the daily Interesting Esoterica toots had gone (I hadn't noticed), that's what happened.

Me when I see what the journal style file has done to my latex...

It's back! David Cushing and I reviewed an integer sequence, and along the way we accidentally reviewed like half a dozen others.

rashly decided to do-release-upgrade on the server that hosts my websites, because I have a spare hour.
You can't say in general when a program will halt, but I can say with certainty that it'll take longer than that! :turing:

I don't know who needs to hear this, but sharpen your kitchen knives. It makes cutting stuff easier.

I went to bed stressed last night, mainly about the feeling that there are thousands of people using the software I make ( and I'm effectively the only developer, so whenever I make a change I'm responsible for things going wrong.

The project really needs more people involved in development, but nobody's offering. We've got someone joining soon who will help, but even two people is not enough!

I made a new LaTeX package for drawing dice, customdice.

The basic commands include \dice{5} for a standard dice face, and \textdice{A} for a face with letter A. You can customise the colours and size, and what’s written on the faces can be (in principle) any LaTeX code or TikZ code.

More information and how to get it in this blog post:

Official customdice page on CTAN:

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