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Boring: put chillies in everything

Tell me more: put everything in chillies

I had an idea about how to make a binary clock entirely in CSS, with no JavaScript.
A nice bit of mental exercise for the train to work!

The official mastodon android app seems to have updated, and the new colour for links is really hard for my colourblind eyes to read when using dark mode.
I've made an issue on the github repo:

Just a couple of years after a bunch of arbitrary code execution exploits were discovered in original DOOM someone finally figured out how to run DOOM *in* DOOM. 😄

math drawing challenge 

Post an image/drawing/etc that non-mathematicians won't see as mathematical.

Hey, math nerds, I really want to know, why is Wikipedia saying that \(\wp(X)\) is a notation for the power set? First time I see the Weierstrass pe symbol used for something other than an elliptic curve, and I don't like it, my boy Weierstrass didn't write no power sets like that.

She's a 10, an instantiation of the abstract concept of 10, the succ of 9, the set {{{{{{{{{{}, {}}, {}}, {}}, {}}, {}}, {}}, {}}, {}}, {}}.

Graph Ends and Their Purpose in Geometric Group Theory - ThatPythonGuys

Unless you don't commute, in which case you get the Division Ring Medal

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You get a Fields Medal when you are able to rid yourself of all your zero divisors.

People who know linear algebra: if I said "make a block diagonal from these matrices", would you know what I meant?
How about "augmented matrix"?
And is there a term for when you put one matrix on top of another?

@christianp Hah, I love it! This reminds me of my favorite (bad) joke to tell to mathematicians. I have never failed to get an eye-roll. You go through the anecdote setup of Ramanujan and Hardy in the back of the taxi, but the cab number is 4. Hardy remarks it's a boring number, and Ramanujan says "no, it's the smallest number that can be written as the sum of two positive integers in two different ways."

I have made a new maths t-shirt design! If you can bear to pay Redbubble's prices, you can strut around town with a niche maths reference on your front:

Rediscovered this intriguingly spare OEIS entry:
You'll never guess what the 22nd term is!

I've had no takers, so here's a big hint:


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