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Opinions please!

I'm the lead developer for an open-source project, Numbas (

We have a mailing list on google groups for support and discussion, but I'd like something (1) not hosted by google, and (2) a bit more real-time.

It should have archives visible to the public, and ideally be indexed by search engines.

Zulip seems ideal, but public channels aren't search indexed. Other options ticking fewer boxes are Discord, Discourse, or Matrix.

Any other suggestions?

this is cool: A mix of experiment and explorative explanations, embedded in the context of #replicationCrisis and a sprinkle of robust statistics / outlier.

How random are you?

You can (sort of) verify your identity on Mastodon if you own a website.

1. Go to Edit Profile > Appearance > Profile Metadata, add your website address (including https://) to the metadata section.

2. Copy the verification code into your website's code. (The verification code is next to the Metadata section)

3. Click "Save Changes" after you have done all of the above.

Your website will then be listed on your profile with a green background and a tick next to it, proving you are the owner.

The baby says that the number of the day is 9.

(pronounced "NINE!!!!")

For a \(n\times n\) grid, the lights out game can be considered as solving a linear system over \(n^2\) variables in mod \(2\). It takes \(O(n^6)\) time. Surprisingly, there is a \(O(n^3)\) time algorithm.

Mrs L-P and I often use words from other languages when we want to talk about people without the daughter overhearing. Can't be long until we're in a situation like that Arrested Development episode

@christianp That sounds like a beeometric sequence to be. Its sum would be \( \frac{1}{1-b} \).

I've just remembered that I dreamt about a bee with a small bee on its back, and that bee had an even smaller bee on its back.
I woke up with the phrase "bee-ano arithmetic" in my head

Still obsessed about how Nintendo made Abstract Algebra the video game and I'm just now playing it. Each battle takes an optimal configuration of enemies, applies the composition of two allowed permutations (ring/diameter cycles), and presents results to the player. Apply the right inverses in the right order and you'll one hit KO everyone before they can strike back.

If you're into chaos, you might enjoy this visualization of the standard map
p_{n+1} = p_n + K \sin \theta_n, \\
\theta_{n+1} = \theta_n + p_{n+1},
with varying \(K\). It's pretty hypnotic

On the same subject, apparently May is awareness month. The Ehlers Danlos Society has made a thing to make a graphic, so I've done that.

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My self just remembered to put my compression stockings on before my trousers. High fives for me!

People from Mathstodon: if you want to share your maths with people from other instances, keep in mind that LaTeX rendering is only available on a browser, and for people also on mathstodon.

If you still want to write formulas, mathstodon can be used to export LaTeX to unicode, like \sum to ∑, \prod to ∏, and so on.

Just click on the Tab key and if your equation can be rendered using unicode it will be transformed.

Example: ϕ(x)=∑ₖⁿ xᵏ

It's not perfect, but you can see it on a phone app!

Food picture 

Treating myself to special lunch in South Shields

When you forget to turn off the skew modifier before exporting the final plan

Rep-tile experiment with holes - three parallelograms makes a triangle, 8 triangles makes a parallelogram. It's more like a second order rep, not sure what to call this.

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