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Europeans! You use a comma for the decimal separator, like π = 3,14159... which is FINE.

But what do you do for functions of more than one variable?

Like: f(x,t) = t(1,23, 4,56) ???

I used to have notifications of new math posts on my blog appear here, but that seems to have stopped a year ago. Meantime there have been quite a few math articles, some possibly interesting.

Lately I had a series comparing the Kuratowski {{a},{a,b}} and Wiener {{{a},∅}, {{b}}} models of ordered pairs, starting here:

Registration is open for the Annual MathsJam Gathering, which is in just 9 days time.

Read about it here:

Register for the mailing list here:

Registration commits you to nothing, it puts you on the mailing list, and you can leave at any time.

Search for number facts sites without searching for number facts sites

Checking my router's status page for the connection speed I should be getting seems to have embarrassed this file into downloading faster

Falsehoods programmers believe about content management systems: people will only type real locations in the location field.

Hence this page for a zoom meeting, showing a map centred on a business called "Zoom Online" in Montpellier:

It's all well and good saying we have to raise the next generation of problem solvers, but I just told my one-year-old that it's too early to go outside, so he went to the kitchen bin and mimed taking it out

The pseudorhomicuboctahedron can never be an Archimedean solid.
Boost if you agree

I keep a collection of ambiguities and oddities in mathematical notation at
Are there any unresolved ambiguities in the standard style of drawing geometrical diagrams?
(is there a standard style of drawing geometrical diagrams?)

Three video calls already today, and it's not even 10am. The baby woke up at 4, as well. Can I go to sleep now?

@ColinTheMathmo how long has the date for big mathsjam been known? Did I miss an announcement?

@pkra tell me about MathJax in ePub - don't bother, or is it worth trying?

latex, typesetting question 

Anyone know how to change the rules for when Latex decides to linebreak? I'd like to add/increase a penalty for starting a line with a number (e.g., breaking within "Theorem 5"), even when I'm referencing a different paper and cleveref won't solve the issue. I know about using ~ to avoid line breaking, but I want this to be automatic, and perhaps there are times where starting a line with a number is "worth the penalty"

Who called them 'virtual school visits over Zoom' and not 'clopen evenings'?

The last thing is that the camera display only takes up a small portion of the screen; the rest is filled with whatever colour it's naming at the moment - it really helps to check that it's working properly!

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I went further and weighted some of the colour names, so you have to be _really_ close to 'teal' for that to be the best guess, but 'red', 'green' and 'blue' come top more easily.
I suspect that the apps I've used in the past just use Euclidean distance in RGB colour space to work out closeness. I've used the CIEDE2000 metric, which is supposed to better match how humans with normal colour vision perceive difference.

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All the apps I've used before make the same few mistakes: they give only one colour name, with no confidence estimate, and the list of colours is often _way_ more specific than I can deal with.
my page takes a rolling average over the last few frames, so it doesn't bounce around so much. It shows the top 5 guesses, along with bars showing how confident it is. I've limited the list of colour names to those from simple wikipedia:

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I have protanopia: I'm really colourblind. I have a couple of apps on my phone which claim to name colours, but they don't work very well.
So I've had a go at making my own, as an easy to remember web page:

TeX is a markup language for mathematics designed to be easy to type on a standard US physical keyboard.
What would an equivalent designed to be easy to type on a phone keyboard look like?

@jsiehler @christianp My household collection appears to consist of a couple of those 60-gons, a 9-gon (Hanayama Coaster puzzle), a 20-gon (Makers Cabinet Iris), an 18-gon (small silver serving plate with scalloped edges), four 8-gons (car wheel spokes), and some many-gons that I don't feel like counting (bike gears and wheel spokes). Also I think some of my camera lens apertures are 8-gons or 9-gons but I didn't count those either.

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