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Come on and slam¹!
And welcome to the jam²!

1: Compute the homology of manifolds
2: The topology department

me, age 18: i will simply use math to understand all truth!

me learning about tarski's theorem: what da

for soe reason i spent my lunch hour making this out of the defunct "Matt Parker Speaks Binary Dot Com" source code and @christianp's logic:

Matt Parker Knows All Of π:

Warning: film may contain spoilers for content of film

Dr.-ed again, this time by a colleague rejecting an internal funding application, who should really know better.

So I'm really getting the full academic experience, without a tiresome PhD!

Prove that for every n, every polygon (even if it has holes) can be partitioned into n connected pieces of the same area

The "is this prime?" game ( recently passed 3 million attempts, which I might not have noticed if Siobhan Roberts hadn't written this lovely article about it:
I like how they embedded the game in the post!

Preparing a presentation on decolonising the curriculum for tomorrow.

I'm... not speaking from experience, let's say that.

Two gardeners had a duel:
Trial by combat.
Each chose their favourite tool:
Combat by trowel.

Thanks to everyone who's written something on so far.

I'm gathering ideas and some questions about how the site should be organised, at

Please add your opinions!

I've made a change to LaTeX editing on unicode equivalents outside maths delimeters are no longer automatically inserted. Instead, when you select a LaTeX autocompletion, if it can be rendered using just unicode, that's inserted instead of the LaTeX code.

For example:
𝑓 : 𝑋→𝑌 = sin(θ²)
was produced by writing
\( f: X \to Y = \sin(\theta^2)
and pressing enter.

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well, today I *was* going to add a nice feature to, but an hour later I can't get my mastodon environment to even connect to the database, so that's not happening

Why is there no mathematical italic small h in unicode? The rest of the alphabet is there! This is madness

Here's a question: is it OK to omit parentheses around the argument to a non-standard function?

Like, "sin x = sin(x)" and "log z = log(z)" are common, but what about "f x = f(x)"?

Does the function name need to be more than one letter?

"flop x = flop(x)"

Mathematicians: variables are named using Latin, Greek, Fraktur, Hebrew and Linear B letters in bold, italic, script, sans-serif and serif forms.

Also mathematicians: I need some brackets. Guess I'll use good ol' parentheses again! 😎

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