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me, seeing the number 256: that's!! the programming number!!!

This is simultaneously objectively rubbish and subjectively lovely.
My very first

There's making a rounding error, and then there's rounding off to two decimal places after each step of the calculation. And a PhD student did this!

Apparently different words with different meanings originated from the Latin word “praevaricari” (“walk crookedly”):

• “prevaricare” in Italian, which means “transgress”
• “prevaricar” in Spanish and Catalan and “prévariquer” in French, which mean “neglect one's duty”
• “prevaricate” in English, which means “speak or act evasively”

At least I'm glad to have learned that these are all false friends before stumbling upon them accidentally

All these apps offering to organise your monthly outgoings or show stats on your TV viewing habits have given me the idea to write an app to help you remember your mother's maiden name

Thanks for your photos, everyone!
I made the same request on twitter and got even more photos. If you'd like to see them, the thread is at

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My 3-year-old would like to know what winter looks like around the world. Could you reply with a photo of what it looks like near you at the moment?

Here's what it looks like near us, in North-East England.

Going to try to update to mastodon 3.3.0. Wish me luck!

Hello everyone! Here's some of my jams:

- : Rust, Python, Clojure, API design, free software, Linux;
- : mostly quantum information / quantum computing, at a very basic undergrad level;
- : metal, electronic, jazz, experimental, pop, noise, you name it;
- : the leftsy, greener kind.

I used to run a Mastodon instance, but a catastrophic issue with the domain ended that one. Looking forward to a fresh start!

There are seven days until Christmas. Every day, I will cancel one axiom of set theory, until there are no more axioms, and set theory will be cancelled altogether

Weird: the datetime library can make a datetime for 1st January 1AD, but can't produce its unix timestamp:

> datetime(1,1,1,0).timestamp()
ValueError: year 0 is out of range

> datetime(1,1,2,0).timestamp()

non-math folks: reality is a preferred reference frame to which concepts should correlate

me: *backs away in shock and horror*

Wanted: a function that takes a description of a family relation and returns the number of different paths in the family tree it could describe (considering siblings with the same parents as equivalent)

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