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Does this function have a name?
For a, b > 0, max(a/b, b/a)

All of you insisting that `a⁡(b+1)` must be interpreted as a function application because it doesn't have a multiplication symbol, as if the unicode character U+2061 FUNCTION APPLICATION doesn't exist


🎶 Let's get farty and have a farty party 🎉

(babies are magic and I cherish every moment)

Really annoying follow-up:

Is `xy!` equivalent to `(x*y)!` or `x*(y!)` ?

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It's "tell me not to use ambiguous notation" time!
Context: I have to interpret students' ambiguous notation.

I want to interpret `xy` as `x*y`.
Should `x/yz` be `(x/y)*z` or `x/(y*z)`?

Yes, it's ambiguous, but of the two options, which would be the least surprising?

stress - 

Monday morning. 62 unread emails in my inbox.

Why have I been having stress dreams?

Kleiner Tipp für einen quasi serverfreien Jitsi-Ersatz:

Einfach alle teilnehmenden in Chrome oder Firefox die URL<hoppla> öffnen. Nur wichtig, dass alle das gleiche <hoppla> verwenden.

Kein Login, kein Account. Die Browser schicken sich Audio und Video direkt, dadurch super niedrige Latenz.

Für mehr Sicherheit alle hinten an die URL noch &password anhängen und dann natürlich das gleiche eintippen.

Tom Lehrer has released his songs and lyrics into the public domain.

What a nice thing to do.

mathstodon.xys is now running Mastodon v3.2.1.
New features described at Looks like a lot of little things

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A postscript library is called a prologue- in that it’s just some boilerplate that you stick at the begining of every one of your postscript programs to setup the dsl you will be using for your real document. For example, jpeg support was added to postscript by adding a base64 and jpeg decoder function to the prologue of every postscript file with jpegs in it. Postscript fonts are nothing more than elements of a prologue. unicode support comes from prologues, not native features.

Maybe it's time to update my pinned toot...

Hey there! I'm a MSc student at University of Helsinki, Finland. I'm specializing in , doing quite a bit of analysis alongside. I also sometimes blog about fun maths in Finnish, at

I've been a hobbyist programmer for like 2/3 of my life, presently interested in . In addition to computer languages, you can reach me in Finnish, English, Swedish and French.

A problem of mine appears in the most recent Mathematical Gazette:
"Two unit squares are drawn in the plane with their edges parallel to the coordinate axes and their centres chosen randomly and independently in the region \(-1 \le x,y \le 1\). Determine the expected value for the area of their intersection."

I thought of a brilliant, short domain-name for a self-hosted git server, but just before registering it I realised that owners of a .it domain need to be EEA citizens and I'm not sure if that'll include me after January

!!!!! lets you change the colours !!!
There are tears in my colourblind eyes

In the list of consecutive positive base-ten integers: 1, 2, 3, the 1111111111st occurrence of 1 is the first 1 in 1111111111.

Discovered by Hans Havermann -

What dullard called it 'remote exam invigilation' and not Proctors Without Borders?

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