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19th century mathematicians: all curves that are continuous are differentiable

weierstrass: *defines a curve that is totally continuous but non-differentiable at not only a point, but every single point in its existence*

19th century mathematicians: :surprised_pikachu:

That's nowhere near an accurate transcription of this video but now I've got the opening lyrics for my new album

Explain why you'll never have to carry a 9 when doing long multiplication

Based on the number of out of office replies I'm getting, it looks like the answer is yes

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About to discover if I can send an email BCCed to over 400 people

My 'mathematicians for change' and 'mathematicians for inclusion' stickers have finally arrived!

Yesterday I gave my talk at the E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences 2020 conference about "Inclusive e-assessment".
It's 10 minutes long, and a lot of it is applicable to all course material, not just assessment.
The video, transcript and references are online at

They said: Cauchy-Schwartz.

YouTube heard: koshish warts.

alright have the world's worst static site generator

My level of French fluency is currently "write it, then double-check on google translate"

How high does zoom's market cap have to get before they let you use a 24-hour clock in the date picker? slightly improved with more of the scene in focus at any given time, and some sine wobble because of course that's needed #shadertoy #glsl

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Try to clear your mind and answer this as quickly as possible:

In a certain tower block, half the flats have a single occupant, and half have two. How many flatmates does the average person in the tower have?

Je voulais peut-être dire 'devoirs', je ne sais pas le mot juste

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Mathématicien(ne)s travaillant en universités françaises: est-ce que vous faites des évaluations sur ordinateur? Quels systèmes utilisez-vous?

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Mathematicians working in French universities: do you do any kind of computer-based assessment? What systems do you use?

Problem: people signing up for a conference sometimes make typos in their email address.

Solution: bulk email the entire participant list, and wait for "message undelivered" responses.

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