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My 'mathematicians for change' and 'mathematicians for inclusion' stickers have finally arrived!

Yesterday I gave my talk at the E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences 2020 conference about "Inclusive e-assessment".
It's 10 minutes long, and a lot of it is applicable to all course material, not just assessment.
The video, transcript and references are online at

They said: Cauchy-Schwartz.

YouTube heard: koshish warts.

alright have the world's worst static site generator

My level of French fluency is currently "write it, then double-check on google translate"

How high does zoom's market cap have to get before they let you use a 24-hour clock in the date picker? slightly improved with more of the scene in focus at any given time, and some sine wobble because of course that's needed #shadertoy #glsl

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Try to clear your mind and answer this as quickly as possible:

In a certain tower block, half the flats have a single occupant, and half have two. How many flatmates does the average person in the tower have?

Je voulais peut-être dire 'devoirs', je ne sais pas le mot juste

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Mathématicien(ne)s travaillant en universités françaises: est-ce que vous faites des évaluations sur ordinateur? Quels systèmes utilisez-vous?

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Mathematicians working in French universities: do you do any kind of computer-based assessment? What systems do you use?

Problem: people signing up for a conference sometimes make typos in their email address.

Solution: bulk email the entire participant list, and wait for "message undelivered" responses.

If you're interested, here's how to change the name of the default branch for your new local Git repositories, as well as some links identifying why you might want to move away from "master":

So proud of my colleague who began his career as an undergraduate edgelord and is now discussing ways we can actively promote diversity

🦆This is a cross-post from Twitter, its contents might suck 🦆 

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Friction is for losers. will go down for an upgrade in a couple of minutes

I found Numbas and it's what I need. I'm secondary teacher of maths and this is perfect for COVID-19 homework administration without using non-free software. Thanks a lot @christianp for your effort. @3rik Erik please take note for wiki recommendations against COVID crisis in website.

This is great. Git default ‘master’ terminology is not only inappropriate but also confusing as hell. Two birds. Don’t @ me
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I wrote A Thing about changing the default Git branch for new repositories created with 'git init':

And to think some people have the impudence to ask what's the point of divisibility tricks!

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