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In response to an account which claimed it hadn't contravened our site policies: "Free speech" doesn't mean the right to a platform.
Racism and other forms of hate speech have no place here.

This photo of 1970s Harlem by Jack Garofalo has a strong late 1990s - early 2000s strategy game vibe

It's exhausting to read a paper that uses mathematical conventions that are quite different from your preferences.

My mum has kindly bought me a bag of bread flour. She thought that the weight of the bag was on the photo she sent from the shop, but it wasn't.
I now have 16kg of bread flour. Better get baking!

unsettling screenshot of a tory being interviewed from inside his own house 

on the chalked arsenic, an arsenic-framed picture. it's obscured by the tory himself. we can't know what is contained in the ring of arsenic. the tory himself is pale with chalk, pale with the fine powder that coats every edifice. a mausoleum is turned inside out, the pillars and plaques are brought indoors, the bodies everted onto the streets. there is no angle that isn't right. "Live", says the ticker, but he doesn't.

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unsettling screenshot of a tory being interviewed from inside his own house 

something chilling about the interior shown here, the environment a tory chooses to inhabit. crystal doorknob too high on the door. the door itself contains neoclassical pilars. a pillared fireplace made of chalk supports a crystal plinth for a milkwax candle, never burned. the candle is itself a neoclassical pillar. a crystal mirror reflects the edge of more chalk, more crystal. the walls are arsenic, coated in chalk.

Let us remind all novice geometers that there is a marked difference between a ruler and a straightedge.

Newton :newton: vs Leibniz :leibniz: is the original tabs vs spaces.

My training material: don't call your variables x,y and z: no one will be able to work out what they're for.

My students: here are variables a, b and c.

Thinking about how every organisation had a "2020 vision" document, none of which envisioned a pandemic precipitating an almost total shutdown of society

this man received a sudoku puzzle to solve for his sudoku youtube channel. he was told he wasn't allowed to look at it until he was recording. so on the video, he opened it up and immediately said "i'm being made fun of. this obviously isn't solvable. he's about to get an angry phone call"

..."well, i can place a few digits here and here. but that's it. after that it's impossible."

"well i suppose i could narrow down this digit here but like. this grid does not have a unique solution. it can't."

anyway click the link to watch a man go from frustrated with his friend to unbelievably stunned at the impossible beauty of the puzzle he just solved in only 25 minutes

legitimately thinking of putting this on a babygro for the new arrival

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Drivin' round town
Painting things brown
It's Hugh Laurie
In his hue lorry

@envgen what the hell is "mixed". ive never heard of that

Tired: this is baby X Æ A-12

Wired: I have chosen a truly marvellous name for the baby, which this margin is too narrow to contain

Mastodon: you toot once about weird code and the rest of the morning your timeline is full of nonbinary foxes

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