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gentle mental health reminder 

Sad to hear that Richard K. Guy has died. I've written a short obituary for @aperiodical, which I plan on adding to throughout the day

Interleave the words to make a common nine-letter word, with the letters of the given words appearing in order. For example:
(chat, racer) \(\to\) CHAracTer,
(rely, dives) \(\to\) diveRsELY.

1. (tram, stage)
2. (dirt, super)
3. (brig, lumen)
4. (sped, tamed)
5. (race, heath)
6. (rent, sting)
7. (race, seven)

Inspired by the recent fuss about who Michael Bloomberg could give $1 million to, I've made a thing on @glitch which asks for your net worth then tells you where in the USA you could give everyone $1 million (or $1, or $100, or ...)

A day's break in the strike has allowed us to open-source Coursebuilder, the tool we made to produce accessible web-based versions of lecture notes.
It takes in LaTeX, and outputs HTML pages and slideshows.

All I can come up with for an animation today is this little inchworm guy.

Wolfram marketing: The Wolfram language’s symbolic paradigm is revolutionary and extremely powerful.

Mathematica documentation: Don’t use any of the symbolic features if you want your code to finish evaluating within your lifetime.

mathstodon,xyz is now running Mastodon v3.1.2.
I think the vast majority of changes are server-side.
See the release notes at

mathematicians ran out of numbers in the 1700s. since then they've been attempting to pass letters and symbols off as numbers, with varying success

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