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LaTex could be more positive. How about

Wonderful \hbox (93.37813pt of pure goodness) in paragraph at lines 14--15

programmers are an urban legend actually tiny mice with yellow construction hats live in every phone and computer n fix all internet problems w their tiny hammers

it turns out my error was remaking the list of nodes on update, instead of using the same list object and manipulating it. How annoying!

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A lost day of work trying to get cola.js ( to work with an updating graph. There's basically no documentation, just an example that doesn't work if you change it 🤷

Does anyone know any modern 3-player games (probably card or board games) that use Skat's characteristic structure, where the strongest player, determined by bidding, must defeat the cooperative play of the other two?

Whoops, I've spent all morning coming up with mathematical Answer Smashes ()

I can't explain why the first image on the wikipedia page for "Author" is this certificate for someone's proof of Fermat's last theorem:

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