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Just spotted that David H. Bailey has started posting "simple proofs of great theorems" on his blog:
This proof that π is irrational is about as straightforward as it can be:

I invented a puzzle for the radio that didn't get used, so of course I put it on my blog instead.
Please have a go at it!

It is amazing how welcoming IHP is. If you have a day to waste in Paris, you can just walk in here and do math all day.

Pic related.

🎊 🚀 :lovelace:

... really slowly
:turing: 🐢

[Clever Hans II completes his proof of the Riemann hypothesis, puts down the chalk, and flicks his mane. The room around me bursts into applause.]
Me: "Big deal. He only knew when to stop by watching our expressions."

When interpreting letters as their Scrabble scores, the vector "EIGEN" is an eigenvector of this matrix:

\[ \begin{pmatrix} K&E&E&P&U \\ C&A&L&M&M \\ A&N&D&X&Z \\ M&U&L&T&K \\ I&P&L&Y&D \end{pmatrix} \]

Clever pals, how easy is it to come up with an integer-valued 5x5 matrix with a given eigenvalue?

The International Congress for for this year happened roughly a month(?) ago in Rio, but their YouTube channel has just started putting up videos of the event over the past few days, including loads of public that might be up your alley

New entry!
The Splitting Algorithm for Egyptian Fractions
Article by L. Beeckmans
In collection: Easily explained
The purpose of this paper is to answer a question raised by Stewart in 1964; we prove that the so-called splitting algorithm for Egyptian fractions based on the identity 1/x = 1/(x + 1) + 1/x(x + 1)...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

remember, your pronouns should be at least 16 characters long and contain capitals, numbers and special characters

<<In much of the country, the stereotype that boys do better than girls at math isn’t true – on average, they perform about the same, at least through eighth grade. But there’s a notable exception.

In school districts that are mostly rich, white and suburban, boys are much more likely to outperform girls in math, according to a new study from Stanford researchers, one of the most comprehensive looks at the gender gap in test scores at the school district level.>>

@christianp Makes more sense when you realise that \(ab\) is a two digit number and not a • b.

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