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Sometines I have a really hard time telling 0 and 1 apart.

About to upgrade the server that runs Server will be up and down for a bit

phew, this conference judges papers on both originality and innovativeness

Chill maths observation:

I like 98 and 99 because their prime factorisations feel kind of like they've taken different, slightly symmetric routes to almost the same place

2*7*7=3*3*11 -1

Efficient Algorithms for Zeckendorf Arithmetic
Article by Ahlbach, Connor and Usatine, Jeremy and Pippenger, Nicholas
In collection: Easily explained
We study the problem of addition and subtraction using the Zeckendorf representation of integers. We show that both operations can be performed in linear time; in fact they can be performed by combinational...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

Most helpful statement of the year, from @ColinTheMathmo: "That's a list of 10 (in some base)"

The Bulgarian solitaire and the mathematics around it
Article by Vesselin Drensky
In collections: Easily explained, Games to play with friends, History, Puzzles
The Bulgarian solitaire is a mathematical card game played by one person. A pack of \(n\) cards is divided into several decks (or "piles"). Each move...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

The paramagnetic and glass transitions in sudoku
Article by Williams, Alex and Ackland, Graeme . J.
In collection: Basically physics
We study the statistical mechanics of a model glassy system based on a familiar and popular mathematical puzzle. Sudoku puzzles provide a very rare example of a class of frustrated systems with a unique groundstate without...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

@PgSuper I think Ramanujan alluded to such experiences.

I wonder if some crazy mathematician ever thought of talking to a number as if it was a friend... (Because numbers are friends?)

Genuinely assumed this was about Prince William and really couldn't work out what the banks could possibly be doing.

Another attempt at setting up a mastodon development environment, another dismal failure.
This time: `rails db:setup` fails with "must be owner of relation account_domain_blocks". mastodon is the owner of that table. 🤷‍♂️ Postgres gives such terrible error messages!

I've turned account registration on back on. I'm going to spend some time today thinking about how to deter spammers.

#programming idea:
your examples should be part of your automated #testing !

there is nothing more irritating then eg. finding a cool rust crate and not being able to run the examples :blobsad:

...ok, maybe mosquitoes are worse

but other than that!!!! nothing!!!! **literally** nothing!!

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