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Christian Lawson-Perfect

Sometines I have a really hard time telling 0 and 1 apart.

About to upgrade the server that runs Server will be up and down for a bit

phew, this conference judges papers on both originality and innovativeness

Intriguing! A brick that's like the 3D analogue of A-series paper: you can cut it in half to produce two bricks similar to the original

never mind , I'm concentrating my efforts on the real future of mathematics:

Chill maths observation:

I like 98 and 99 because their prime factorisations feel kind of like they've taken different, slightly symmetric routes to almost the same place

2*7*7=3*3*11 -1

Oh my god this is such a rich seam: - Using some really impressive looking Python libraries for text processing to mine public domain literature for phrases that fit into Patent titles and claims. Includes awesomely ridiculous patent claims derived from the Communist Manifesto.

Efficient Algorithms for Zeckendorf Arithmetic
Article by Ahlbach, Connor and Usatine, Jeremy and Pippenger, Nicholas
In collection: Easily explained
We study the problem of addition and subtraction using the Zeckendorf representation of integers. We show that both operations can be performed in linear time; in fact they can be performed by combinational...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

Most helpful statement of the year, from @ColinTheMathmo: "That's a list of 10 (in some base)"

The Bulgarian solitaire and the mathematics around it
Article by Vesselin Drensky
In collections: Easily explained, Games to play with friends, History, Puzzles
The Bulgarian solitaire is a mathematical card game played by one person. A pack of \(n\) cards is divided into several decks (or "piles"). Each move...
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Happy Birthday to M.C. Escher!

The paramagnetic and glass transitions in sudoku
Article by Williams, Alex and Ackland, Graeme . J.
In collection: Basically physics
We study the statistical mechanics of a model glassy system based on a familiar and popular mathematical puzzle. Sudoku puzzles provide a very rare example of a class of frustrated systems with a unique groundstate without...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

@PgSuper I think Ramanujan alluded to such experiences.

I wonder if some crazy mathematician ever thought of talking to a number as if it was a friend... (Because numbers are friends?)

oh, you like Mikhail Gromov? name five of his papers

Genuinely assumed this was about Prince William and really couldn't work out what the banks could possibly be doing.

Another attempt at setting up a mastodon development environment, another dismal failure.
This time: `rails db:setup` fails with "must be owner of relation account_domain_blocks". mastodon is the owner of that table. 🤷‍♂️ Postgres gives such terrible error messages!

I've turned account registration on back on. I'm going to spend some time today thinking about how to deter spammers.

#programming idea:
your examples should be part of your automated #testing !

there is nothing more irritating then eg. finding a cool rust crate and not being able to run the examples :blobsad:

...ok, maybe mosquitoes are worse

but other than that!!!! nothing!!!! **literally** nothing!!