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The toddler has started using the words 'maybe' and 'probably'. Time to inoculate her against frequentist interpretation.

I've seen gas stations in the US show the tenths part with a fraction instead of a decimal.
Have you seen any other signage with a fixed denominator that isn't 10?

2020 and the Cambridge journals website still has the link to read the PDF behind an obscure icon next to the sharing links

Inspired by the recent fuss about who Michael Bloomberg could give $1 million to, I've made a thing on @glitch which asks for your net worth then tells you where in the USA you could give everyone $1 million (or $1, or $100, or ...)

New on display in the Newcastle maths, stats and physics lobby. Based on my 'squiangle' triangle → square transformation.
This piece shows the sequence of moves triangle → square → 90° rotation → triangle → 120° rotation

Here's the same thing for a 2×2 grid. The triangle in the middle has to go one way or the other, so you have to break the vertical line of symmetry

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I've been thinking about the fact that an n×n square grid has as many cells as a triangular lattice with n triangles on each side.
Is there a nice continuous bijection between them? When n is odd, you can at least keep one line of symmetry throughout.

Are you kidding.

Also, bold ploy by someone in MS to recommend Chrome over their own browser.

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