I made some t-shirts!
Would it be worth me putting them up for sale on a print-on-demand site?

Does it bother anyone else that the numbers on the shapes don't correspond to their orders of rotation?

The Organum Mathematicum is a fabulous-looking thing:
A box of sticks which form tables to help with mathematical calculations, sort of like Napier rods, but for artillery and music?! Of course this oddity is a product of Athanasius Kircher!

My dad gave the tiny one a 'tablet' which is actually some kind of slate - pressure makes marks appear, and the 'bin' button clears it with some kind of electrostatic thing?
Don't trust little L-P not to eat it, but it's good for maths working-out!
Does anyone know what it's made of? The box said 'LCD' but it feels more like an etch-a-sketch

Inspired by an article in @chalkdustmag, I wrote code to generate Truchet tiles for any even number of sides. Then I looked up which tilings of even-sided polygons exist, and here we are: somethingorotherwhatever.com/t

I'm looking in A-Level textbooks for examples of "simplification".

On the first page of content in this EdExcel C1 book, this made me so cross: you're not applying the rule \((a^m)^n = a^{mn}\), you first need \((ab)^n = a^n b^n\), but that rule isn't even listed!

How did I not know this? The decimal expansion of 2017 repeats every 2016 digits!

Saw this lovely, if slightly knacked, adding machine in the Sun Inn, in Morpeth. You stick a stylus (or a finger) in one of the holes and drag it down to add to a column. It was a bit rusty and skipped digits more often than not.

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