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Christian Lawson-Perfect

Five years ago today was the most rock-n-roll my mathematical career has got so far: I was pretty pleased I'd made an origami icosahedron.

Fancy some lunchtime turbonerdery? Play MatchTheNet, where you have to match 3d polytopes to their nets:

Geometers HATE this one weird trick for drawing a hexagon!

I'm not responsible for these numbers on the beach, but I do approve of them

This is more complicated than I was expecting.

(I'm writing some Numbas questions about properties of functions, and I need to generate random functions with given properties)

Inspired by Alison Kiddle, I've made an Auto-Santa 3000: given a list of naughty things, add up the scores of the things you did. Then it uses the total to tell you the things you did!

I had to reconstruct this gif by Bill Gosper in GeoGebra to believe it.
Construct the tangent to a given point on a circle without using a compass.