Exciting unintended typography! Using the League of Moveable Type's Junction font, the word "office" looks like "offfice", I guess because it applies an ff ligature and then an fi ligature.

An impromptu mathematical art installation to appear behind me during my big mathsjam talk

Search for number facts sites without searching for number facts sites

The pseudorhomicuboctahedron can never be an Archimedean solid.
Boost if you agree

Is this the only regular 15-gon in my house? Is there a regular polygon with more sides somewhere? What about your house?

People who say ambiguous equations should just have more symbols in them: what do you do about this?

Trying out two new things with my slides for a talk tomorrow: a QR code on each slide, pointing to exactly that slide; funky border-radius on images

I've been playing with Cuttle a bit more. Here I made a nice tiling using the Rotational Repeat and Tile Repeat modifiers, then I wrote a custom modifier to fade out the colours on the outer pieces.
Here's a link: cuttle.xyz/@christianlp/Tiling

I lasted two days before getting sidetracked into adding my "write maths, see maths" code to the mediawiki editor so I can see how my LaTeX will be rendered before pressing "Preview".

(I don't like pressing Preview)

I've made a game where you're shown a random unicode character and have to guess its name.


I used Elm on Glitch to make it.

I've updated my maker to prompt for image descriptions, and to show you suggested alt text for the final image.
Suggestions for a better format for the alt text are welcome!

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I've made a tool for making "Which One Doesn't Belong?" pictures.

You can put text or pictures in each square, and change the colours of the background and text.


Mathematicians: the first step in solving a problem is to write your problem out in the simplest terms you can.

Also mathematicians:

You, a tech startup with millions in angel finance: made an app to turn handwritten maths into TeX.

Me, just the worst kind of smart alec: convinced a pen to turn TeX into handwritten maths

That's better: now the symbols don't look like the ghosts of overfull hboxes

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