Back in the office for only the second time since lockdown. My desk calendar is frozen in time, a little inadvertent monument to covid.

Made it! The tunnels felt much shorter than I expected.

Got the kinesiology tape in the way, and also popped into wilkos to get some trouser clips and a phone holder for my handlebar. Resisted the temptation to pop into Maccy D's, but might not on the way back!

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This is a weird design choice: a table of contents that overflows, but it doesn't scroll independently of the page, so you have to scroll down to the bottom of the actual content to see the end of the ToC, rendering it pretty useless.
The page is

Mrs L-P and I often use words from other languages when we want to talk about people without the daughter overhearing. Can't be long until we're in a situation like that Arrested Development episode

On the same subject, apparently May is awareness month. The Ehlers Danlos Society has made a thing to make a graphic, so I've done that.

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Food picture 

Treating myself to special lunch in South Shields

When you forget to turn off the skew modifier before exporting the final plan

I've made a new game: Prime Run.
From a randomly-chosen starting number, can you get to the target by repeatedly adding or subtracting prime factors of your number?

Not sure how to feel about the fact that the rate at which I make things, as measured by my homepage, has been pretty much constant since 2011

The pair of curves that you draw to show a shape has a hole needs a name. Has anyone given it a name?

This morning's coding practice was making a game where you have to FIND DRACULA.
(don't call it a Wordle clone)

At David Butler's One Hundred Factorial last week, I played a nice space-claiming game.
I was inspired to make a computery version. I've called it "This island is big enough for the both of us"
Play at

I have five stacks of three blocks. I can join two stacks together, or split a stack.
How many splits and joins do I need to do to end up with three stacks of five blocks?

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