My dad gave the tiny one a 'tablet' which is actually some kind of slate - pressure makes marks appear, and the 'bin' button clears it with some kind of electrostatic thing?
Don't trust little L-P not to eat it, but it's good for maths working-out!
Does anyone know what it's made of? The box said 'LCD' but it feels more like an etch-a-sketch

Inspired by an article in @chalkdustmag, I wrote code to generate Truchet tiles for any even number of sides. Then I looked up which tilings of even-sided polygons exist, and here we are:

I'm looking in A-Level textbooks for examples of "simplification".

On the first page of content in this EdExcel C1 book, this made me so cross: you're not applying the rule \((a^m)^n = a^{mn}\), you first need \((ab)^n = a^n b^n\), but that rule isn't even listed!

How did I not know this? The decimal expansion of 2017 repeats every 2016 digits!

Saw this lovely, if slightly knacked, adding machine in the Sun Inn, in Morpeth. You stick a stylus (or a finger) in one of the holes and drag it down to add to a column. It was a bit rusty and skipped digits more often than not.

I'm on holiday in the Hague. Here are some of the things I've seen

Spotted this nifty Cairo tiling on my hotel room wall in Den Haag

never mind , I'm concentrating my efforts on the real future of mathematics:

Mrs L-P had a very happy accident at the photo printers

You know how something can be 'over-engineered'? Well, I think some things are over-mathematicianed.
This bouncy ball, on sale for a couple of quid next to the tills at Mothercare, is a fine example. It's made of six rubber threads, woven together to make a shape with dodecahedral symmetry, such that each face has five different colours. Why six threads? So it can embody the outer automorphism group of \(S_6\)!
It was invented by Dick Esterle. This is my daughter's one; my dog has a bigger one.

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