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Christian Lawson-Perfect @christianp

I've finally added a nice little feature to the web frontend: while you're typing, LaTeX math macros will be replaced with the corresponding unicode character.
So I can write something like "the area of a circle of radius 3 is π × 3²" very easily!
MathJax still works, between the delimiters: \( π \times 3^2 \)

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This is based on the list of Unicode replacements from by Sven Kreiss and Kyle Cranmer.
I found myself switching off to unicodeit to get symbols, usually × and π, so often that I wanted to integrate it with the Mathstodon frontend.

Another benefit: doesn't look like total bums to people on non-MathJax-y instances

... and now I've made it not replace macros between LaTeX delimiters, so stuff like \(x^2\) works without faffing about