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Christian Lawson-Perfect @christianp

@pkra please help! I'm giving a 10 minute talk on accessibility of maths on Thursday. Do you have anything I can crib from?

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@christianp hm.. nothing really written out. is probably the most I've written out as slides)

If German doesn't freak you out, some broader slides on STEM content for academics at

Happy to chat.

@christianp Come to think of, you probably just mean "equations" with "math", right? And 10mins are probably doable just talking about (also old demos at

@pkra yes, that's the kind of thing I was thinking of

@christianp cool. Happy to help. (The real trouble is making accessible 😉 )

@christianp or the fantastic commercial quality such as or (fun fact: some of those bugs have been fixed - not that Apple would care to know)