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Christian Lawson-Perfect @christianp

I *think* I've fixed MathJax on For some reason it wasn't using the latest JS files, so I deleted the public/packs dir and recompiled.
I also took the opportunity to use the CommonHTML renderer by default and turn off typesetting on startup, so it might be slightly improved in some ways.

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@christianp I go to your public profile page and MathJax is not rendering the commands in your public posts, FYI.

@thelibrarian turns out the public profile page isn't rendered by React, so I can't do skipStartupTypeset. Looks like it's working now.

@christianp hm... Still getting 2.7.0...

@pkra if you mean "you should update to the latest version of MathJax", I've now done that

@christianp hm... Still getting 2.7.0 at (I'm on the tusky app anyway so I'd totally want SVG server-side 😉)

@pkra whoops - I forgot where MathJax really lived. I updated an old copy that isn't served 😓