today I'd like to see how hard it is to write a web server in Haskell, using as much ready-made stuff as I can.
At the moment, I'm trying Spock ( and I'm a couple of minutes into it downloading packages. And I thought npm was slow!


Oh, it's still only just installing ghc, and that is hard enough that it's making my music stutter! I think I have made a Bad Choice

welp, I tried to compile the code in the tutorial and encountered this problem - - it doesn't work with the version of GHC it automatically installed.

So I've bounced off haskell again!

I've had a much nicer time working through "The Joy of Elixir", which ends with a little web server!

@christianp if you want to (eventually) try again, i can recommend looking at yesod, which I like to use for web frontends. It comes with a book, and since it’s been around for a while (at least 10 years i think?) it’s stable enough that most examples floating around still work, too (in the entire book i think i had to change something only once to make it work)

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