Does anyone have any experience with off-site backups of personal data? We have roughly 1TB of stuff that I'd like to have a copy of elsewhere.
I can't think of the combination of words to search for ot get services at this scale.
Does a service exist on the same order of magnitude of cost as buying a 1tb external disk and leaving it in my mum's loft?

@christianp leaving HDDs at my parents' house is exactly what I'm doing. I have three HDDs of equal size, one for regular backups from my PC and two to receive copies of those backups (I use a hardware disk copier for that). When I plan to visit my parents, I copy a current image of my backup disk onto the spare disk I have here, bring it to my parents and take back home the other spare disk that was there since my last visit.

And full disk encryption for all drives, of course. That would also be the most important thing to take care of if you opt for using any service. I know of people taking this further and leaving encrypted copies at friends' places including friends in other countries, but I'm fine with my current solution for now ^^

@christianp This should cost you less than $10/month with Backblaze. If the data never changes, your mum’s loft is hard to compete with.

@christianp Google One is 2TB for $100 a year. It's what I use.
Sorry, don't really know of any others off the top of my head.

@christianp might be suitable. They have sliding tiers based on size; 1TB would be $15/month according to their calculator.

Georedundant (backup to two sites) for 1TB would be about $27/month.

They also provide 10% discounts if you rent space for a year at a time.

@fullstackthaumaturge @christianp
They also create daily snapshots, so you don't have to worry about that. That's why I chose them for my family's backups, immutable snapshots makes it completely ransomware-proof.
They also support a lot of standard high quality backup software like rsync and borg and their customer service is very good.

They also have a discounted borg-only tier where snapshot retention is up to you, sort of an experts-only offering.

@christianp What are your goals? Not just "I want a backup" - what do you want it for? How critical is restore speed Vs. cost Vs. privacy? Are you talking about quick 'I deleted a file' restores or archival or offsite-because-there-might-be-fire?

How sensitive is this information? Unless you encrypt it you must assume anything stored "on the cloud" can and will leak.

My offsite backups are two external USB drives that I swap weekly. The filesystem on the drive is encrypted. No delays waiting for slow networks but long delays retrieving the drive if I need to do a restore. (I also have filesystem snapshots so fumble-finger deletes are quickly addressed by local storage).

@christianp I don't know if this will work for your OS but you might look at as a potential option in combination with a cloud drive.

@nomad I have a backup in another PC at home, but I want a copy elsewhere in case of something like a fire.
It's all our personal stuff - photos, documents, and so on, so I'd make sure it's encrypted.

@christianp An offsite USB drive seems sufficient to that task. Use two and swap them as needs arise (new data to be added).

@christianp I run and for it's backups I use Borg (with Borgmatic on some servers, and there's also Vorta which has a nice gui). Storage backend-wise I've used, BuyVM with a KVM storage slab, and a Hetzner storage box (definitely slower, but cheaper too).

Remote machines also back up to my local servers, but that's rather dependent on your network speed and if you pay for traffic. A Pi with an external disk at someone else's home could be an option too, the newer pi's have not-awful disk throughput i think Take a look at backblaze. I've been using them as part of my data redundancy plan for years now, and they're solid.

@christianp for online, backblaze. offline, glacier but i think you'll find leaving a disk with family/friends is quite reasonable, actually.

@christianp @pixouls Depending on your environment (OS, bandwidth), backblaze works well for this. $5/month/computer, includes external direct-attached drives.

I use Hetzner with an encrypted (at the source) borg backup.

@christianp that's what I use (I could have been more explicit, sorry!).
Borg runs on a raspberry pi and does its thing every Monday morning, quietly and efficiently.

@christianp My parents and I both use the external disk technique. As we update the off-site backups only every few months, we expect the disks to have very long lifetimes; this should make the price very competitive. All the rapidly updating files (documents, code) are small and hence also on cloud services.

We’re doing it very low-tech, just manually copying the relevant folders – we have enough disk space to just cross-backup to each other’s spare disks, and don’t care about encryption.

@petrilaarne thanks. I'm going to do an external disk too - it only needs to be updated every few months, so it doesn't make sense to pay a monthly fee for a cloud backup service

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