I'm organising a series of online public maths talks through Newcastle Uni's School of Maths, Stats and Physics, to be delivered by disabled presenters, taking place this December.
Talks can be any mathy topic, or about your experience as a disabled mathematician.
I need speakers: dm me if interested!

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To give some idea of what I'm looking for, I'll use myself as an example.
I count myself disabled at least four ways: I'm colourblind, autistic, dyspraxic, and have Ehlers-Danlos.
I might talk about:
1) use of colour in mathematical communication; how red chalk makes chalk-and-talks inaccessible
2) how ambiguously-worded maths problems have stymied me in the past, and how to write them more clearly
3) the word problem in group theory, which is just something I'm interested in

This came about because I and some other disabled people who do maths talks got tired of missing out on opportunities to do outreach because it involves travelling.

If you're interested in taking part, either dm me or email

@christianp ambiguous wording is something that throws me off all the times, especially in maths and CS (I'm not officially autistic+adhd, although for all practical purposes I am).

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