@christianp Only a prescient few saw it at the time, but the meme industry was ripe for disruption.🤔

image description 

@northbound_goat a parody O'Reilly textbook titled "Essential Changing Stuff and Seeing What Happens" with the subtitle "How to actually learn any new programming concept"

@christianp I donno why some people are collecting GTMs, aren’t that just textbooks

This is the closest thing to my field I could come up with... maybe it would be even better if we could change the image, but thanks for sharing!

@christianp a lot* of likes and boosts but not a single follow or DM from a fellow geometer. The audience here is tougher than the qual exams at an R1 department.

*more than citations in my last paper, anyway.

@christianp oh, and a feature suggestion: generate image description.

@christianp sweet! 🚀

Nit: add the chosen illustration. (For the extra giggles they give.)

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