My shoulders have been clicking loads lately, and my left shoulder constantly feels like I'm having to expend effort to keep it in place.
Do any other people do anything to keep your joints together? My wife keeps talking about 'taping it up' - is that a thing?

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@christianp have you had her check to see if they are both aligned symmetrically? She might be able to push one back into place if it is visibly out.

@christianp a friend with EDS shared:

"Taping it up is a thing indeed. Although you might find out that the traditional ways of taping won’t suit you the best, you’ll find your own way you like the tape to be applied.

Besides this you can train the rotator cuff muscles. Don’t start training with heavy resistance and when starting don’t bring your elbows above shoulder height. Train the whole shoulder area, so don’t focus on solely the chest muscles or back muscles (...)

@christianp (...) Start for example with endorotation and exorotation exercises using an elastic band or cable for resistance or lie on your side, elbow in your side, small dumbell on your hand, elbow bend in a 90 degrees angle, small towel rolled up between your upper arm and rib cage. Slowly bring your hand towards your belly and back up (don’t hyperextend). If this makes sense…"

@christianp yeah my OT just taped up my shoulder. It's not a permanent solution but can help with alignment and feedback.

My shoulder clicking was actually subluxation turns out, so gotta work on stabilizing it to hold together with muscles better and get used to not moving it in those ways.

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