I've resurrected my old research blog, My plan now is to use it to record things like "how to do X" that I come across while doing techy things.
I really appreciate it when I find a blog post that explains exactly how to do the thing I want to do, so I thought I should contribute my own findings too.

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@christianp I'm using Hugo as a site generator. A wonderful piece of software.

@Pol yeah, I've used Hugo for a site at work. I really like the way things are organised, but I don't like the templating system, and I wouldn't know how to change other aspects of it.
For this site I've gone with nikola, because I like writing reStructuredText, and I'll know how to add bits in python if I want to. I'm not too keen on the way source files are organised, but it at least seems better than it was last time I tried nikola, a few years ago

@christianp Sure thing, I tend to pick up the tools that fits what I need and Hugo is just enough for what I need.

@christianp Nice. But re your tractor-befunge site, is it supposed to be unscrollable and unzoomable with big squares? (Usually, about 2/3 of the width of your video thumbnail fits on my screen, but a couple of the times I tried it I instead got squares so big that even one didn't entirely fit on-screen.)

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