@Pol Yes ... successfully followed ... do you need some advice on the process? There's more than one way to do it, some easier than others.


@ColinTheMathmo @Pol @christianp I just tried, and it looked successful, but then when I checked again it said "follow requested". Similar to some issues with types.pl yesterday :/

@nilesjohnson @Pol

OK, mine also says "Follow Requested" ... I think that will be at their end, not ours. They might be a bit picky about who they allow to follow them.

You can always subscribe to the RSS feed.


@ColinTheMathmo @nilesjohnson @christianp I think there is an issue somewhere on this server, friends of mine using another server succeeded to follow those accounts without any troubles. Weird.

@ColinTheMathmo @christianp @nilesjohnson I guess it's not related, but my "Home feed" doesn't seems to load anything. Am I the only one?

@Pol The question has been asked ... how many people do you follow? If the answer is "nearly none" then it might be that there is nothing to show in that feed.

@christianp @nilesjohnson

@Pol For the settings for that feed, if you've turned off boosts an replies, there might not be anything to show. How many people do you follow? Do you follow anyone not on this instance?

@christianp @nilesjohnson

@ColinTheMathmo @christianp @nilesjohnson I'm not following a lot of people that's true, but now my home feed is working. I didn't do anything special !

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