What should I change A to so that the number at the top is an integer?
Or what should I change B to? Or C?

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@christianp Ok then, every setting with A even and B=C is a good solution. More general, A can be any factor of (C/B + 1). A can also be zero if B=-C. I bet there are more options 😉

@arjen A can be zero as long as B and C aren't both also zero. I was only thinking of changing the value of one of them, though.

@christianp oops always those zeroes!

So A can be any multiple of 9/4. I guess you wanted integer values? Then the smallest A that is int would be 36. Any multiple is also correct.

C has to be 8 if you want to modify it.

And, no natural number satifies the graph if you only want to modify B.
But, 3B / (B+5) has to be int; that does solve for B=-2, B=-4, B=-6, B=-8, and B=-10. There might be more, I do not have a good strategy to enumerate solutions though (but B=-12 is not a solution!).

@arjen are you sure about that? How about A=9, B=10, or C=2 (separately)?

@christianp not any longer haha. A=9 fits my original answer, C=2 dunno why I missed that, with B I really answered too quickly!

@arjen nothing, really! I've made that calculator interface, and thought it would be a nice framework for some puzzles

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