Pals, I've just been told that in Japan they don't use ✓ for "correct", they use 〇.
What other symbols for "correct" and "incorrect" are used around the world?

@christianp I vaguely recall that we used % for ’correct’ and v or ✔️ for ’incorrect’ (’väärin’ in Finnish) in primary school. That’s very odd, because I’ve never seen those notations again.


@petrilaarne wikipedia says in Sweden a ✓ is often used for "incorrect". No mention of % though - that's interesting! It feels like a tricky symbol to draw, which matters when you're doing a lot of marking!

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@christianp The Wikipedia page for ”check mark”, and apparently Unicode, contain the correct form of %; not the literal percent sign (they look the same in my handwriting). Still, I feel that the English version has largely killed off that symbol.

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