Tomorrow I'm giving a maths talk to a load of 15/16 year olds. It's a talk I last gave in 2014, so I've updated it a bit.
I've put my slides online at
What do you think? (Obviously you don't know what I'll say about them!)

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The talk went really well last time, so I didn't want to change too much. One thing I'm really struck by now is that every character in the story, including me, is a white man. I'm not sure what to do about that.

I'll tell the kids that the story took place in a time when you pretty much had to be a well-off white man to dedicate time to maths and have me end up knowing about it.

weirdly, the custom element code I copied from MDN didn't work in Chrome, for <undisclosed reasons>. I've found a way of making it work now

@christianp Only thing I can think of - can you be prepared with the names & something about a more diverse group of mathematicians who have built on what you talk about?

@christianp I was a bit reluctant to suggest anything as you don't have much time. But I did like the look of the slides!

@christianp I don't like slides with tons of text :blobcatnotlikethis:
yours is kind of in the middle. i get that it makes it easier to share the slides and provide a gist, though.

the actual topic looks super cool! maybe (of course i don't know if it's just not in the slides) it could do with a little more "ah, damn, you can solve that with graphs?" moments.

but if the last talk was already good anyway you may disregard my points, either way i wish you that it'll go nicely :blobcatuwu:

@christianp I'm somewhat interested in "Used error-correcting codes to memorise a lullaby" :D

@christianp I suspect that the number of blank slides titled "Let's check if some graphs are Hamiltonian" are all intended to be blank?
(I'm just a bit confused that there there are more than one blank slide.)

@christianp Turns out the graph-app isn't working for me, though I haven't quite figured out, why.

Maybe in introducing graphs emphasize that (in a drawing) crossing edges don't mean anything?

Your definition of platonic solids is a little too permissive: it needs that all the faces are the same.

The graph app doesn't work for me either on desktop windows chrome, but does work on mobile firefox.

@virtuosew really well, thanks! No time for questions at the end, but the kids were really engaged throughout. Almost worth the massive covid risk

@christianp I hope virtue is rewarded and you don't get sick, then!

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