Is there a name for the way you order titles of things like books, where you ignore words like "The" at the start?
e.g. "Anteater, The; Bees Are Great" instead of "Bees Are Great; The Anteater".

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@christianp Calibre calls it "Library Order". I think I've also seen it referred to as "title sort".

@christianp @nikola I think "article bypass sorting" would be a good name for it

@christianp There really should be a more definitive one. That's what I turned up in a search.

Library of Congress, Dewey Decimal System, Worldcat's parent organisation (OCL?), or others would be on my list of suspects.

@dredmorbius searching for "basic rules of alphabetical sequence simplified" got me this NISO document:
It's very handwavey, though. I expected to find some code to do this somewhere

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