Spent a moment making sure works on tiny viewports. I got a decent score, too!

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@christianp Omg I've wanted to build exactly this so that I could play with the stats, and now I don't have to, and you've even generously shared your stats! Incredible, thank you 🤗

Just reading through your basic stats they seem to confirm what I have long suspected, which is that 51 is the sneakiest composite, and thus justified in being my least favorite number 🎉

@cincodenada @christianp Isn't that the Groethendieck prime?

Oh, no, that's 57. Haha, 51 must be Groethendieck's twin prime!

@JordiGH @christianp Indeed, and 57 is just behind 51 in sneakiness by these stats!

I've long held that 51 is special because it's the first truly sneaky composite, and thus is deserving of unique ire, so I'm pleased that the stats back me up here. 51 just edges out 57 in terms of tripping people up, and together they are a good bit sneakier than any others.

@christianp Maybe needs some time before the start game button appears after a round, as I accidentally started a new round trying to sort the last number and didnt get to see my score.

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