well, today I *was* going to add a nice feature to, but an hour later I can't get my mastodon environment to even connect to the database, so that's not happening

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I've made a change to LaTeX editing on unicode equivalents outside maths delimeters are no longer automatically inserted. Instead, when you select a LaTeX autocompletion, if it can be rendered using just unicode, that's inserted instead of the LaTeX code.

For example:
𝑓 : 𝑋→𝑌 = sin(θ²)
was produced by writing
\( f: X \to Y = \sin(\theta^2)
and pressing enter.

@ColinTheMathmo I have now, after leaving it for a while. It turns out that for some reason postgres on my machine is running on a different port to the one mastodon expects

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