Mathematicians: variables are named using Latin, Greek, Fraktur, Hebrew and Linear B letters in bold, italic, script, sans-serif and serif forms.

Also mathematicians: I need some brackets. Guess I'll use good ol' parentheses again! 😎

@christianp Another one missing from the list: open intervals.

I find (a, b) very confusing when I work with tuples in the same context.

On top of that, I find intervals with a single open end somewhat aesthetically unpleasing.

(a, b] seems to be the most prevalent notation. The bracket's "directions" match, though the bracket's types don't.

[a, b[ is a notation that seems to be popular in Germany, but which I haven't seen anywhere else much. (It's due to Bourbaki, I have been told)


@esclear yes, good one! That reminds me to find the paper I started writing about parsing notation, where I collected a list of things like this

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